Engineering Advisor

Scenario: Your project or program would benefit from additional design expertise but you either do not have the funding to hire an expensive senior engineer or you cannot find a suitable one in the job market. What do you do?

Most projects need expertise:

1. At the beginning of the project, when strategic technical design decisions are made which set the direction for the design.

2. After 90 % design completion, when the remaining 10 % of problems need the involvement of an experienced engineer.

You can, for instance, buy 3-month quarters for each of the above stages of your project while skipping one or more quarters. Having a proven engineer advise on design options and review circuit design at this fee rate is low-cost project insurance.

Innovatia has provided project engineering support to multiple companies over 30 years in the areas of power and instrument electronics in the fields of magnetics, medical equipment, automotive PMS motor-drives, airbag testing, internal-combustion engine modeling, aerospace rocket and balloon instrumentation and pyrotechnic electronics, aquaculture process control, process-chemistry data acquisition, thermodynamic, fluidic, and thermal energy measurement, laser control, test and measurement instruments, and other projects.

Innovatia Technologies

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