About Innovatia

Mind Interacting with Matter

"The world is changing so rapidly that even the definition of what we mean by a company is a moving target. With almost 50 million people working at home [or in a small office] in the United States, web-shaped companies are becoming commonplace. This represents a dramatic shift over the last decade in the concept of a corporate organization." Kenichi Ohmae, The Borderless World: Power and Strategy in the Interlinked Economy

Innovatia is not a corporation, is not a company, and is not even a business in the usual sense. It is the laboratory and person of Dennis Feucht, with various collaborators in an open-access network, and is located on a jungle hilltop in Central America. An Internet link and parcel delivery enable technology-oriented enterprise to be located nearly anywhere on the planet.

Innovatia is web-shaped and technology-driven to transform creative engineering ideas into technology for use by entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians, and others involved in electronics and interrelated technologies.

Innovatia is an intellectual free zone. Technology supplied by Innovatia is open-sourced, disclosed so that the user is free to maintain and modify it with minimal or no dependence on Innovatia through an open-source license. It is not patented and the ideas embodied are not restricted in their use. This is an extension of the open-access tradition at leading measurement instrument companies of the past: Tektronix and Hewlett-Packard, and of open-source software such as Linux. For Innovatia, "intellectual property" is an oxymoron.

Innovatia "gives away the printer and sells the ink cartridges" by offering designs as open-access information, free to be distributed to others on an open-source licensing basis, to encourage the growth of a Linux-like community of users of Innovatia designware. Innovatia benefits by focusing on design in the technical support of a growing number of product suppliers in the Innovatia open-access network of Assistants and Associates. As the network of suppliers grows, the base of Innovatia involvement grows when suppliers rely on Innovatia for engineering support of open-source products.

Innovatia is aware of the growing instabilities in the global financial system. International prices are alternatively given in the more stable unit of the enduring real-money commodities of silver (Ag) and gold (Au). Payment through Western Union is currently acceptable to expedite ease of payment. A 10 % discount is extended to those who pay in gold or silver coins.

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