Ultrasonic Imager Technology

OUI201 Ophthalmic Ultrasonic Imager front-end - priority: 0. Design is completed and the unit has been shelved for years and requires some design updating but otherwise produces a sharp B-scan image.

a fully functional prototype of an ultrasonic medical probe interface subsystem that plugs into the ISA/EISA computer bus 

inputs scanning parameters from the bus and outputs an 8-bit, 20 MHz scanned digital image 

both A- and B-mode scans, in polar coordinates 

output drives polar-to-rectangular (raster) converter, for display on VGA screen 

The imager has produced "exceptionally clear" images according to biomedical engineers familiar with such scans. Development licenses are currently available, including customization and design of a complete PC-based instrument.

This is not an active project at this time. The EISA computer board prototype is at Design Completion. The prototype has been built and shelved. Innovatia Assistants interested in building one, please inquire.

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