Gearmotor Controllers 

A gearmotor controller designed as a valve controller. It operates on 12 V, interfaces to a computer, turns bidirectionally, and uses a low-cost commercially-available gear motor.

GMC601 GearMotor Controller

Innovatia gearmotor-controller technology offers general design principles and the designs of three specific controllers, including the GMC601 design. The first two controllers differ in their logic designs, are intended for quarter-turn ball valves, use the same Grainger gear motor series as the GMC601, are unidirectional, and use optical interrupters with a simple plastic disk mounted on the gear-motor shaft to sense opened and closed positions. 

GMC601 Features

on/off or proportional valve actuation and control

single circuit-board that fits onto a line of gear motors

designed to automotive standards for reliability

can be operated manually or by computer, from parallel port

valve on and off positions adjustable for on/off control

proportional control uses additional digital enable line

"on" and "off" outputs indicate when valve is in end or limit positions

turns both directions - suitable for cryogenics by  keeping the drain channel of the valve ball on the exit side, to drain the main channel when off

GMC601 Pictures     GMC601 Specification

Assistants: request Gearmotor Valve Controllers project manual and join the GMC601 project.

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