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Power Conversion Projects

Active Battery Converter and Inverter Project - off-grid electric power components

Now is the time for prospective suppliers to inquire about manufacture and distribution of Innovatia off-grid power technology.

Power Circuits Books

From www.elektor.com:

Eco-Electrical Home Power Systems

80 pages of  introduction to off-grid power system operation and maintenance, with some system-level design, for semi-technical users and technicians. Includes basic electricity, solar panels, battery banks, solar chargers and converters, inverters, power distribution and loads, gas and diesel generators, wind generators, streams and home-made ethanol, and power-system component sizing. 

Eco-Electrical Home Power Electronics

150 pages of technical and engineering information on Innovatia off-grid system strategy, solar charger, battery inverter, battery charger, and wind converter circuits, load power supplies, fluorescent lamp and LED drivers, and solar thermal technology. Email Innovatia for updates to (not copies of) the book.

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