Motion Control

Benchtop Dynamometer 

Benchtop dynos for motor characterization are specialized and costly instruments, limiting their availability. The Innovatia scheme constructs a dyno from low-cost components using either a brush or PMS motor as an active load - as a generator. Once characterized, this generator also functions as a torque and speed sensor. 

Winding-Sensed PMS Motor-Drives

Field-oriented step-motor control eliminates the resonances and loss of dynamic control due to open-loop microstepping of step-motors. The motor instead behaves like a dc brush motor, even when changing speed. Instead of pulsing the rotor from one equilibrium position (step) to the next, field-oriented or vector  control continually maintains correct drive phase at all rotor positions to produce constant, maximum torque.

Vector-summed precision phase control  is a novel application of leading-edge motor theory that has led to a breakthrough in accurate six-step PMS motor control for cost-sensitive applications. This tech report describes in detail how step advancement is achieved by sensing motor phase directly, from its induced terminal voltages, and combining winding voltages vectorially to produce waveforms that correctly commutate the motor at their zero-crossings. The result is more and smoother torque and requires few parts to implement.

Gear-Motor Controllers

The design of electrical actuators/controllers for gear-motors, used to actuate high-torque, low-speed mechanical devices such as quarter-turn ball and multi-turn valves, or solar trackers, is explained in the project manual based on two designs: an optically-sensed, single-direction controller, and the VC1, which uses Hall-effect devices and adjustable-position magnets to set opened and closed positions or limits. The VC1 manual; explains the detailed designs, gives test waveforms, and describes applications problems and faults to avoid.

Quarter-turn ball-valve or multi-turn valve fluidic control

Position control of low-speed, high-torque mechanics

Computer interface or manual control

Single board prototype hardware mounts on Grainger line of gear motors

This project has completed the evaluation phase and has achieved prototype release. Request the project manual and build or buy a VC1.


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