Introduction 1

Circuits and their Polynomials 2

Bandwidth from OCTCs of Real Poles 5

Bandwidth from Quadratic Pole Approximation 7

Risetime 11

Pole Separation 12

Stage Interaction 13

Textbook CE Stage 22

General Single-Stage BJT OCTCs 23

Base-Emitter Open-Circuit Resistance 24

Base-Collector Open-Circuit Resistance 27

General Single-Stage CE Gain 30

Single-Stage BJT OCTC Bandwidth 33

OCTCs and the Base Node Time Constant 35

Generalized Single-Stage Amplifier 37

Frequency-Dependent Millerís Theorem 43

The Inverse Miller-Effect Paradox 45

Cochrun-Grabel Method 48

Cochrun-Grabel Method Applied to Textbook CE Stage 50

Cascaded CE Stages 51

Extra Element Theorem (EET) 55

EET Example: Single CB Stage Cc 58

EET Example: Single CE Stage Cc  60

Impedance EET (ZEET) 61

Blackmanís Impedance Theorem (BZT) 64

n Extra Element Theorem (nEET) 66

Design-Oriented Pole-Zero Determination 67

The β Transform 68

The μ Transform 69

β(s) Transform 71

Equivalence of Hybrid-π and T BJT Models 74

Base-Emitter OCTC in the High-Frequency Region 76

The μ(s) Transform? 80

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