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Project Designation Transfer Circuit Power, W Input Port Output Port(s) Notes
PS401 chopper => CP 750 off-line 20V - 30V out, 25A 24V battery charger
PS402 SEPIC 10 12V 5V, 1.5A; 12V, 50mA PS1, ECB, LM2577
PS405 CL 5 off-line 12V, 210mA PS5-2-12V-A
PS410 CL < 20 off-line 17V, 0.3A; 5V, 0.1A; 24V, 0.22A; 
@ 50mA
PS411 CL < 20 off-line 5V, 0.3A PS410 minus 17V out; TNY255
PS412 CL Cuk 18 12V, 1.25A 12V, 50mA; 26V, 0.215A; 5V, 0.12A PS12 for PG202
MIC3172, 100kHz
PS413 Boost Push-Pull 10 5V, 2A 40V, 0.25A; 12V BCV401 cntrl
PS414 CL, I-steering 35 15V, iso 15V, 2A; 5V, 1A PS415 with 15V inp
PS415 CL, I-steering 21 off-line 5V, 2.5A; -5V, 0.25A; 12V, 1.5A;-12V,0.25A Usersupply, UC38C43
PS416 CL Cuk 2 5 to 12V, iso 5V, 12V MIC3172
PS417 CL Cuk 12 12V, 1A 5V, 12V, 20V(F), 40V(F) non-iso PS416; TPA204, FDS
2 T68-265 duobundle
PS418 CL Cuk 1 12V, 83mA 5V(F), 50mA; 
5V, 50mA
1W PS412; PG201;
MIC3172; 100kHz
PS419 Boost Push-Pull 50 12V 15V, 1A; 5V, 5A; 
-5V, 2.5A
BCV402 with 
EFD25 core
PS420 Boost Push-Pull 145 5-cell NiFe, 7V 30V, 4.5A; 5V, 0.85A EFD25 core
PS451 CL   off-line, 240V rms 2 6V, 0.5A UC3842; heat pump


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