What Is Open-Access Technology?

In software operating systems, the open-source philosophy has caught on in the acceptance of Linux. Innovatia extends the open-source idea to electronics hardware and invites the participation of designers, builders, suppliers, and users in Innovatia projects on this website.

Innovatia develops and offers designware, the information product (IP) of engineering that is the source of the creation of technological wealth. Designware is the  technical information about something you can build or repair. Its open access, with only open-source licensing and no patents or other barriers to participation, enables formation of new enterprises as multiple suppliers of products having a common design origin. For builders and users of open-access technology, it reduces dependence on suppliers for repair, maintenance, or product understanding because the technical details of the product are disclosed as open-source documents. 

Like Linux, open-access designware provides both freedom of information and its use, to encourage a growing community of people involved in the build, use, manufacture, distribution, design refinement and maintenance of commonly-shared technology. Innovatia is an initiator of this activity and a coordinator of communities involved with Innovatia technology projects.

Entry-level designware  includes circuit diagrams with both the operating description and technical explanation. Supplier-level designware includes parts lists with suppliers, circuit-board layout files, software source code for programmable FPLAs and microcontrollers, and instructions for making magnetic parts, if any. It is made available as a set of compressed files. 

Access Innovatia Designware by joining an Innovatia project as an Innovatia Assistant. Select a project by item name (such as TPA202 or FDS) from this website and email a request to join. You will be sent the PDF instruction manual from which you can build a prototype, subject to the open-source license. Optionally, order from Innovatia the prototype kit, if it exists yet, for the project that includes circuit-board, magnetics cores and wire bundles (if any), and any specialized parts information. The present version of the instruction manual is sent to you via email. Build your prototype from the manual or for projects that have completed the design phase, order the build kit. As you progress in your project, create a project website and post a log on refinements or problems you encounter. Or sell your version of the design. Email the web link to Innovatia as project coordinator.

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