Complete Designware Package

The following items are included in designware, as applicable:

  1. Design documentation: theory of operation, calculations and derivations, components technical information.
  2. Electrical circuit (schematic) diagrams and files.
  3. Mechanical drawings and files.
  4. Programmable logic device (PLD) files.
  5. Programming firmware files: JEDEC source-code and development environment information.
  6. Interface definitions.
  7. Etched circuit-board (ECB) manufacturing files (Gerber files, aperture file, drill file, drill text file, documentation file).
  8. Parts list (bill of materials) file: reference designator, description, supplier(s), price, and notes, in spreadsheet format.
  9. Manufacturing test and calibration procedure.
  10. User and technical reference manual drafts and files, if applicable.
  11. Open-source design license.

Files are provided via email.

Prototype hardware units are available separately.

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