Innovatia Associates & Assistants

An Innovatia Associate is a person interested in electronic measurement instruments, analog or DSP-related electronics, or power electronics, including both power conversion and motion control (motor drives), and who is included on the Innovatia Associates list for receiving open-source books and the Innovatia Associates Report, which contains news and multiple technical articles, some derived from sections of available Innovatia books. A nominal fee is charged to be listed. The current fee to list as an Associate is $100 US or equivalent.

An Innovatia Assistant is project-oriented and involved with Innovatia open-source design projects. Projects are given designations and categorized in series: 200 series are measurement instruments, 400 series are power conversion, 600 series are motion control and 800 series are robotics. An Innovatia Assistant receives detailed engineering design information and assistance in developing one or more Innovatia projects. For some projects circuit-board layouts or boards and software source code are available.

Assistants are free to manufacture and sell products resulting from the design project, though the design itself is open-source to the extent that buyers can know the product in sufficient detail to maintain, repair, or even modify to some extent the design to adapt it to the buyer’s application. Manufacturers participating as Innovatia Assistants need not disclose the circuit-board layout or schematic diagram source files or design procedure details of Innovatia projects to be sufficiently open-source. Project participation, including Innovatia engineering consultation, for an Innovatia Assistant is an additional $100 US or equivalent, with other benefits itemized below.

Innovatia Associates

What Innovatia Associates get:

·   A selection of any PDF books from the library of Innovatia books. These books are linked to more detail on the home page at

Analog Circuit Design series:

Amplifier Circuits, 3rd edition, 432 pages

High-Performance Amplifiers, 3rd edition, 334 pages

Waveform-Processing Circuits, 3rd edition, 222 pages

A related analog design couplet of books:

Transistor Amplifiers, 478 pages

Circuit Dynamics: Design-Oriented Analysis, 82 pages

Electronic Measurement Instrument series:

Instrument Electronics, 348 pages

Two-Port Analyzers, 278 pages

Impedance Meters and Analyzers, 242 pages

Generators: Pulse, Function, and Waveform, 432 pages

Data Acquisition Instruments, (under construction), 250 to 350 pages

Power Electronics series:

Power Magnetics Design Optimization, 456 pages

Power Converter Design Optimization, in four Parts:

(Each Part counts as a book; selection of 3 books includes the fourth, for a complete PCDO.)

   Resistance Converters, 390 pages

   Converter Circuits, 256 pages

   Converter Dynamics, 296 pages

   Waveshape Converters, 143 pages

Pulsed-Power Electronics (planned)

Electromechanical Electronics (planned)

Off-Grid Electricity is becoming the second edition of a merger of two previously published books by Elektor in Holland. Presently available to associates as a single book count are PDF copies of these two out-of-print books:

Eco-Electrical Home Power System (written originally for technicians and off-grid jungle resort owners)

Eco-Electrical Home Power Electronics (for senior technicians, technologists, and engineers)

Fundaments of both rocket design and astrionics, the electronics of astronautics and aeronautics, is in

Rocketry and Astrionics, 209 pages

·   Innovatia Report: sent each quarter of a year in PDF to the Associates and Assistants lists, with news and a minimum of 12 articles in the Report per year. Some will be corrected and refined or more detailed versions of articles published at Planet,,,,, or in peer-reviewed journals: IEEE J. Ind. Electronics, J. Forth Applications and Research, and first-rate papers rejected by editors of peer-reviewed journals for strange or obscure reasons. And others will be originals.

·   Computer program source-code in Mathcad or Forth-83 text files: Mathcad programs in Innovatia books or papers, described in articles in the Report, in executable form.

Innovatia Assistants

Innovatia Assistants are those who by listing for $100 US have active involvement in developing a prototype of one of the Innovatia instruments or power electronics listed on the website. Assistants get in addition to Innovatia Reports:

·   Up to 2 project manuals for tested project prototypes or project concepts (careful, detailed designs, not yet prototype tested) with interactive assistance in working through design or other related problems via email with Innovatia. Manuals contain all the design information available at the time of their release, including complete circuit diagrams with functional explanations, design description with formulas, and background theory for some of the more difficult circuits to understand or design.

·   Design assistance from Innovatia with problems on development of Innovatia projects.

·   Participation in group purchases (by Innovatia or Assistants) of circuit-boards for Innovatia projects, or

·   Circuit-board Gerber plots and Excellon drill files for available circuit-boards, to buy your own, or

·   TraxMaker 2.0 source layouts of Innovatia projects, if available. Assistants are encouraged, though not required, to provide Innovatia with results of their own design efforts in the form of refined circuit diagrams, board layouts, or explanations, to include in open-source distribution to other Assistants, announced in the Innovatia Report.

·   Source-code or object-code files (or both) for field-programmable logic arrays or μCs in Innovatia project designs.

To Become Involved

To become an Associate or Assistant or both, make a Western Union payment in US$ to the Innovatia Labs director, with passport name,

Dennis LeRoy Feucht

located at

San Ignacio, Cayo, BELIZE

Central America

Then send an email to Innovatia with the Western Union transaction number (MTCN) to confirm inclusion on the Associate and-or Assistant list(s).

Anyone who joins may make payment at any time during a year to be extended retroactively for Innovatia reports.

All books and Assistant benefits are received by email request to Innovatia. In sending payment transaction information to Innovatia, also request your choice of books for Associates and project manuals for Assistants. They will be sent via email. Printed paperback books are expected to be made available in the future, possibly from an established publisher.

For technical background on Dennis L. Feucht, see the biography at or in articles at Voluntary contributions to the open-source effort by Associates and Assistants will become available to all within each group. Hopefully, a community among Associates and Assistants will develop!


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