Dynamic Circuit Response 

Transient and Frequency Response

Reactive Circuit Elements   1
First-Order Time-Domain Transient Response   4
Complex Poles and the Complex Frequency Domain   6
Second-Order Time Domain Response: RLC Circuit   9
Forced Response and Transfer Functions in the s-Domain   15
The Laplace Transform   19
Time-Domain Response to a Unit Step Function   28
Circuit Characterization in the Time Domain   37
The s-Plane Frequency Response of Transfer Functions   40
Graphical Representation of Frequency Response   42
Loci of Quadratic Poles   50
Optimization of Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Response  52
Reactance Chart Transfer Functions of Passive Circuits   60
Closure & References   72

Dynamic Response Compensation

Passive Compensation: Voltage Divider   73

Op-Amp Transfer Functions from Reactance Charts   76

Feedback Circuit Response Representation   84

Feedback Circuit Stability   90

Compensation Techniques   99

Compensator Design: Compensating with Zeros in H   105

Compensator Design: Reducing Static Loop Gain   119

Compensator Design: Pole Separation and Parameter Variation   121

Two-Pole Compensation   134

Output Load Isolation   151

Complex Pole Compensation   160

Compensation by the Direct (Truxal’s) Method   164

Power Supply Bypassing   165

High-Frequency Impedance Transformations

Active Device Behavior above Bandwidth   168

BJT High-Frequency Model   169

Impedance Transformations in the High-Frequency Region   172

Reactance Chart Representation of b-Gyrated Circuits   179

Reactance Chart Stability Criteria for Resonances   182

Emitter-Follower Reactance Plot Stability Analysis   184

Emitter-Follower High-Frequency Equivalent Circuit   187

Emitter-Follower High-Frequency Compensation   190

Emitter-Follower Resonance Analysis from the Base Circuit   195

Emitter-Follower Compensation with a Base Series RC   196

BJT Amplifier with Base Inductance   199

The Effect of rb' on Stability   201

FET High-Frequency Analysis   203

Output Impedance of a Feedback Amplifier   204

Closure & References   208

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