Instrument Electronics

The Innovatia 200-series instrument program is part of the overall Innovatia program that consists of the following series:




Measurement Instruments


Power Conversion


Motion Control



Projects not included in the following project listings:

PWM201 PWM pulse generator - priority: 0. Design is completed and several prototype units are in inventory.

PLM201 Power-Line Meter - priority: 0. Design is completed and several units are in inventory.

DYN601 benchtop dynamometer - this motor measurement unit is included in the 600 series. It is partially completed and measures motor speed and torque but has been shelved for years. The active load (dyno generator) is intended to be either a brush motor or a PMS step-motor. Power limits depend on generator. The driver can source 800 W (> 1 hp).

Two-Port Analyzers or Transistor Parameter Analyzers (Curve Tracers)

Impedance Meters and Analyzers

Pulse Generators

Function and Waveform Generators

Ultrasonic Imager Front-End

Thermal Energy Meter


Analog Circuit Design Books

Analog Circuit Design is a four-volume set of paperback books available from Stylus Publishing  

Amplifier Circuits

Presents the basic principles of transistor circuit analysis, basic per-stage building blocks, and feedback. Presentation is restricted to quasi-static (low-frequency) considerations, to emphasize basic topological principles. Prepares the reader to analyze and design multi-stage amplifiers with feedback, including calculation and specification of gain, input and output resistances, including the effects of transistor output resistance, ro. 208 pages plus index

Dynamic Circuit Response

Presents transient and frequency response analysis methods, with emphasis upon complex-frequency techniques; dynamic design methods for compensation of amplifier response, and impedance transformations of active devices above their bandwidths, an important but little-known topic. Prepares the reader to perform frequency-dependent analysis and design, including high-frequency effects on input and output impedances and response compensation. 204 pages plus index

High-Performance Amplifiers

Applying the concepts developed in the previous two volumes, this advanced treatment of amplifier design/analysis emphasizes both wideband and precision amplification. Topics include bandwidth extension, noise and distortion, effects of components, instrumentation and isolation amplifiers, autocalibration, thermal effects, current-feedback amplifiers, multi-path schemes, feedforward, fT multipliers, buffers, voltage translators, Gilbert gain cells and multipliers. 278 pages plus index

Waveform-Processing Circuits

Presents a variety of analog non-amplifier circuits, including voltage references, current sources, filters, hysteresis switches and oscilloscope trigger and sweep circuitry, function generation, absolute-value circuits, and peak detectors. Digitizing (ADCs and DACs) and sampling (including some switched-capacitor) circuits are explained, with theory required for design. Sampling theory is developed from both a frequency and time-domain viewpoint, with emphasis upon application to design. 212 pages plus index


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